A simple list of links to find out what I’m currently up to in each of my projects.

Guy Walsh Photography is my Event Photography business. I also offer headshots and cat photography – see below for more details.

I regularly post useful productivity blogs and share useful business tips too.

Find out more here.

Kind & Curious (formerly known as ZLS Creative) was born out of a desire to make the experience of the performing arts accessible to a wider range of people.

I came out of acting school as a completely different person to the one that went in. I was more confident, I had a better understanding of my mind and my body, and from this my confidence grew.

I want to share that experience with others, and Kind & Curious is my vehicle for doing so.

Find out more here.

The UK Cat Photographer website is now live after several years of me threatening to launch it!

A specific branch of my photography services that I decided needed its own website and social media content.

Go and have a look at look at an endless run of glorious cat photographs!

I’ve been acting professionally as Guy Wah since 2011. A Guy Named Guy is my stage name when I release music but it’s also my username on most social media sites.

This website acts as a CV showing my performance and backstage experience, and the blog is a journal of my ongoing creative projects.

View the website here.

I perform as Stickman McTaggart in the UK wrestling industry. Stickman is a deranged journalist who has way too much confidence in his friend Billy Zero, and takes any slight very personally.

Sticky News is a website created to add another dimension/outlet for the character.

Stickman’s social media accounts tell the story of what is currently happening in his world and are reguarly updated.

Hot Tag is a wrestling-specific offshoot of my photography business.

Featuring both live action and portrait photography, Hot Tag lives only on social media for the time being. 

Landscape Adventures is my YouTube channel dedicated to the vlogs I create while roaming the countryside.

Unfortunately the cost of petrol and the lack of suitable locations in the East Midlands has meant that the channel has slowed down a little, but I tend to release one season at a time so why not subscribe and keep your eyes peeled?

Click here to watch me on my travails!